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Brabus 800 is a tweaked Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600

Relating to luxurious SUVs within the Mercedes catalog, essentially the most sumptuous of all of them is the Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600. A sumptuous Mercedes isn’t just right sufficient for the parents over at Brabus, and they have got taken the GLS 600 and became it into the all-new Brabus 800. The 800 is designed to offer final luxurious to 4 other people, and it’s relatively gorgeous inside and outside.

What other people understand first concerning the Brabus 800 is its signature external full of carbon fiber parts and a variety of aerodynamic portions, together with a brand new entrance fascia and rear diffuser insert. The aim of the frame changes used to be to take the sumptuous Mercedes-Maybach and switch it into one thing a lot sportier. Brabus says the elements it provides to the car’s external additionally building up its aerodynamic efficiency through lowering axle raise at pace and bettering dealing with whilst keeping up the sleek street manners the bottom car is understood for.

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