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Monday, December 6, 2021
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‘Cowboy Bebop’ Star Alex Hassell on Making ‘A Live Action Love Letter’

Netflix’s live-action reimagining of the vintage anime sequence Cowboy Bebop manages to seize the intentionally exaggerated taste of the medium whilst construction one thing new. The jazzy, free-flowing Western vibe of the unique stays intact as does the hyper stylized violence—consider a go between Firefly and Kill Invoice—however this new Cowboy Bebop really shines in its talent to reshape acquainted parts round new tales.
Possibly the most productive instance is the elevation of Vicious from peripheral anime persona to number one live-action antagonist. His backstory is inextricably connected to our hero Spike Spiegel (John Cho) and their dynamic serves as the root of this new iteration. As Vicious, Alex Hassell walks the effective line between aptitude and ferocity, and in talking with Observer, he printed what went into adapting an iconic anime sequence, how he pulled off his persona’s epic battle scenes, and what he’s fascinated by in a possible 2d season.

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