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Jezero crater rocks show evidence of sustained water interaction

NASA’s Perseverance rover has been rolling across the floor of Mars for lots of months accomplishing investigations on quite a lot of rock samples. Scientists imagine within the far away previous, Mars had an abundance of water, and on the time, Jezero Crater was once a lake fed through an historical river. Challenge scientists had been examining rocks at the crater flooring, which were interpreted for now as igneous rocks, probably the results of volcanic lava glide.

Scientists Stack Morgan says the truth that the rocks are volcanic in nature is interesting to scientists as a result of igneous rocks are just right for purchasing correct age dates. These days, researchers imagine the lake machine and rivers that tired into the crater had been energetic 3.8 to three.6 billion years in the past. Some rock samples amassed right through this project will ultimately be returned to Earth for additional find out about.

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