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Vienna’s Tourism Board Is Promoting the City’s Erotic Art on OnlyFans

The tourism board for the Austrian town of Vienna has cooked up a unique thought to show off “particular” artistic endeavors for potential guests: the board is now applying an OnlyFans account, which is getting used to spotlight artwork that might fall below the class of “18+.” Over the last couple of years, a substantial amount of content material has been banned or censored on main social media platforms because of its allegedly beside the point nature, so Vienna is just shifting its pertinent art work to an area that’s traditionally been a more secure area for particular content material; alternatively, OnlyFans has additionally not too long ago cracked down on intercourse employees and erotic performers.
Particularly, Vienna’s OnlyFans account shall be highlighting paintings from museums together with the Albertina Museum and the Leopold Museum. Each establishments have not too long ago run into issues because of posting sure artistic endeavors that had been deemed beside the point on social media platforms. Vienna is a breeding floor for “one of the crucial international’s most renowned artists, whose works driven the limits of what used to be regarded as appropriate in artwork and society on the time,” Vienna’s tourism board stated in a observation, “so it infrequently comes as any wonder to be told that a few of their artistic endeavors fell foul of the censors over 100 years in the past.”

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