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Thursday, October 21, 2021
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YouTube podcast plans could muddle things over at Google again

Even though they’ve been round for years now, podcasts are changing into large once more within the age of track streaming. Competitors Spotify and Apple are already gearing up for warfare, or even Amazon, which has its personal Amazon Track subscription carrier, has jumped into the fray. It’s no marvel, then, to listen to that YouTube is also atmosphere its attractions available on the market because it additionally does track streaming. Sadly, Google isn’t any stranger to podcasts, and the confusion that may ensue may just open up outdated wounds over the Google Play Track fiasco.

Mirroring its myriad messaging platforms, Google has a rather complicated collection of multimedia platforms and services and products that can be close down at any given time. That’s what came about when Google retired Play Track in want of YouTube Track, and it could achieve this at some point for Play Motion pictures & TV, which may well be perplexed for YouTube itself or Google TV. It kind of feels that the similar complicated tale will spread all over again, this time over podcasts.

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